Lecture Notes

A common disclaimer: the notes may contain mistakes. Be careful! And if you find something wrong (and have time to do so), I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

Intoducción a los Sistemas Dinámicos - EMALCA 2018

This is a basic course in dynamical systems that I taught in El Salvador, in 2018 (in Spanish).

Prova de Yoccoz do teorema de Jakobson - w/ Victor Janeiro 2020

These notes explain Yoccoz' proof of the celebrated Jakobson' theorem. Prepared with my student Victor Janeiro (in Portuguese).

Análise Complexa 2020 (UFMG)

Notes for the MSc course of Complex Analysis at the UFMG (in Portuguese)

Basic Hyperbolic Geometry

Notes for the hyperbolic geometry part of the course of Complex Analysis (in English)

Franks' theorem, after A. Katok and F. Rodriguez-Hertz (ICTP, 2012)

Notes on a lecture given by F. Rodriguez-Hertz, with a short proof of Franks' theorem (in English).

Ergodic Theory 2020 (UFMG)

Notes for the Phd course in Ergodic Theory at the UFMG (in English)

Shadowing of pseudo-orbits for partially hyerpbolic systems

A proof of the H-P-S shadowing theorem (in English).


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