I'm interested in having new students and post-docs. If you are a prospective student considering dynamical systems, or a post-doc specializing in dynamics or ergodic theory, you could check my projects page to see if something there appeals to you. In any case, I've very diverse interests: drop me a line and we can chat.


Edhin Mamani Castillo (since July 2023) . He is the post-doc of the project Equilibrium States for geodesic flows without conjugate points.

Phd students

Victor Janeiro (since August 2023, UFMG) w/Radu Saghin.


Ana Carolina Dias do Amaral Ramos (May 2023) - PhD dissertation title: Center Dynamics and Maximum Entropy Measures for Partially Hyperbolics Systems

Currently: assistant professor at UFLA.

Túlio Vales (March 2021, UFMG) w/ Sonia Pinto de Carvalho - PhD dissertation title: Passeios e bilhares: uma incursão em sistemas dinâmicos aleatórios (Walks and Billiards: an incursion into random dynamical systems).

Currently: assistant professor at UFU. The results of Túlio's thesis were published here and here.

MSc students

Flávio Menezes - Webpage - (since March 2023, UFMG)


Victor Janeiro (August 2023, UFMG) - MSc project title: Existence of robust non-uniformly hyperbolic endomorphism in homotopy classes. Part of Victor's dissertation is published here.

Undergrad Research (Iniciação Científica)


Bruno Berganholi Dias - (2022-2023, UFMG) - Research project: Equidistribution in Dynamical Systems.

Frederico Coutinho Lacerda - (2022, UFMG) - Research project: Some Methods In Functional And Harmonic Analysis For Frequency Domain Study Via Fourier Transforms. See here for his monography (TCC in Electrical Engineering).

Bruno Berganholi Dias - (2021-2022, UFMG) - Research project: Dynamics of satellites and problems in Celestial Mechanics.

Rafael Goncalves Almeida Ottoni - (2021-2022, UFMG) - Research project: Dynamics of satellites and problems in Celestial Mechanics.

Flávio Menezes - (2021-2022, UFMG) - Research Project: Geometric Topology. Webpage. His project was selected by the department for the UFMG undergrad knowledge week 2022.

Victor Janeiro - (2020-2021, UFMG) - Research Project: Jakobson's theorem. See here for Victor's monography.

Gustavo Dehaini - (2018-2019, UFMG) - Research Project: Gromov's Non-squeezing theorem.


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